OnTime Transit

Bay Area Transit Data Visualizer



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Welcome to OnTime Transit!

Thanks for using OnTime Transit, a data visualization project using GTFS feeds from 511 SF Bay.

The train logo in the top of the screen is your home button! Use it to come back to the initial agency selection screen.

The back button will take you one layer back up (i.e. routes -> agencies, stops -> routes).

The Github icon will take you to the Github repository this app is stored in.

The pause button will pause the transit alerts banner that scrolls through the screen.

The marker button will take you to your current location.

The map button will make the top layer disappear so you can explore the map.

The info button will show you the welcome screen with instructions.

Click on a space of the map with no features and it will take you to an overview of the layer you're in.

Click on a feature to bring up the relevant data for that feature.

Hover over a link to highlight the feature on the map.

Right-click on a link to zoom to that specific feature.